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Life Updates

First, I would like to start with a big fat THANK YOU! 2022 was a great year full of growth.  If you don't already know I am stepping away from The Creative and embarking on a new journey.  I am forever thankful for the time I had with The Creative, I learned so much about myself and I finally figured out exactly what I want my career to look like.  I will be opening a new salon and her name is MUSE. I am feeling more inspired than ever and I can't wait to share my vision with y'all!  My goal is to be working in Muse by February 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽, as soon as I make the transition I will let you know.  I have been really focused on stepping up my game, you guys deserve nothing but the best and I'm gonna bring it!  Hit me up if you have any questions/concerns 😚

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